Our Patron

Gareth is co-founder and Director of One on One Productions (Pty) Ltd

“I became involved at Headway Gauteng when I did a favour for a friend and attended their end-of-year party. I was a reluctant guest, preferring not to face such misfortune in other people, but it proved to be a moving experience.

They subsequently asked me to be their patron, which I’ve been ever since. Headway is an inspiring non-profit organisation that looks after people who have suffered brain injuries. These are people who were living normal productive lives and, in a split second, through some unfortunate incident, sustained head injuries that changed their lives forever.

I’ve been lucky to walk away from several car accidents with a couple of scratches, as I am sure you may have too. I also feel embarrassed when the people at Headway thank me for my involvement; the negligible things I have done cannot compare to the sense of mission, generosity and selflessness that I have witnessed not only in those injured, but also in their families, the staff and volunteers.

I have felt my life profoundly improved, and my sense of perspective and awareness immeasurably raised, through this experience”

Gareth Cliff, 2016.

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