Advocacy, Awareness and Information

Using organised awareness campaigns, Headway has started a journey to inform communities of the cognitive and social deficits experienced by our brain injured members, breaking down barriers of stigma that are associated with anything ”mental”. In certain communities, a person suffering from a brain injury can mistakenly be perceived as having been ”bewitched” and is ostracised as a result. This again highlights the enormous need to create awareness of the causes, symptoms and effects of brain injury.

Our Awareness and Information Programme includes regular hospital and community clinic visits and as well as visits to some of our local rehabilitation centres and targeted media campaigns.  Our IMPILO KQALA, MASEKHANE and SIYAKHONA community development projects are facilitated by our student social worker interns from year to year, also fall within this programme.

With the benefit of strategic conversations held and partnerships developed, we have improved and innovative campaigns in the pipeline.