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Headway Gauteng

We are a registered non-profit organisation that offers a variety of support programmes to adult survivors of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) as well as support services to their families and caregivers.

Join the Friends of Headway Initiative: Change Lives Today

Change starts with you. For just R100 a month, you can join Friends of Headway. Your contribution will provide invaluable support to individuals and families living with brain injury. Our goal is to offer counselling, group therapy, and the much-needed assistance that can help transform lives.

Our goal? R300,000 every month. That’s how we help hundreds of families. Whether you’re in South Africa or elsewhere, we’ve made it easy to support.

Every bit counts. Join Friends of Headway. Let’s make a difference together.


Counselling and Support Services

Here at Headway we understand that brain injury does not happen to a single individual, it happens to a family. Nobody can be prepared for this, and life seldom gives us the skills to deal with this type of situation.  The circumstances resulting from the injury can be exacerbated by the ‘disappearance’ of friends and family because people do not know how to cope with this ‘new’ person.

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Advocacy, Awareness and Information

We’re on a mission to educate communities about the challenges faced by people with brain injuries. Through organised campaigns, we aim to dispel the stigma and myths that surround mental health issues. Some communities may wrongly believe that brain injury is a curse and shun the affected person. That’s why we need to raise awareness of the causes, symptoms and impacts of brain injury.

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Love Lost in Translation: Communication and Intimacy Challenges After Brain Injury

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Living with a brain injury reshapes not just one's personal [...]

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