Supporting You

At present, Headway Gauteng has two branches situated in Hyde Park and Soweto respectively, with outreach services in Alexandra.

Our organisation provides the following services:

  • Family Support Group ~ fondly referred to as our Headway Friendship Circle, this support group consists of many families from a diverse range of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Each family has someone dear to them who sustained a brain injury. Meeting other families facing the same trauma and challenges, can be a very positive and supportive experience.HFC takes place on the first Thursday of every month at Headway Hyde Park at 18h00 and at 09h00 on the second Saturday of every month at Alexandra and Soweto respectively.
  • Counselling and Support Services ~ which includes both face to face as well as telephonic counselling and support to the injured individual and families alike. Headway understands that a great amount of strain is placed on all family members and that financial resources for professional services are often exhausted in the early days following the injury. For this reason, we offer a counselling service that is made up of a team of trained volunteer counsellors.
  • A holistic Group Therapy and Activity programme ~ which provides our injured members with a structured, productive day where stimulating and enjoyable activities and social skills can be mastered. Our team of trained therapist are ably assisted by our team of volunteers from the community.

Complementary services also offered by Headway Gauteng include:

  • Information articles, booklets and pamphlets
  • A monthly newsletter
  • A small lending library

Headway Gauteng aims to equip you with as much information as possible about brain injury and how to cope with life’s challenges following such a trauma.

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