Community Reintegration Programme

The primary objective of our group therapy and activity programme is to provide a place of belonging for survivors of brain injury, where those in attendance can take part in meaningful activities and socialise with one another. This will provide a focus and something to look forward to and will also allow the family of the injured some time off for distraction and rest.

While Headway is not a rehabilitation centre or clinic, everything we do is therapeutic in nature with a focus on constructive, productive activities that encourage interaction and independence. The group therapy programme is facilitated by a team of skilled therapists including: occupational therapists, speech therapists, biokineticists, and psychology and social work interns. As an adjunct to conventional therapy, outings and guest speakers are also arranged.

As we well know, brain injury can have a devastating effect on a person. Here at Headway we strive to help those with brain injury regain their dignity and humanity.

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